This division of Kilbury Construction provides specialist preservation and conservation services, headed up by Simon Wynn who has nearly 50 years’ experience in diagnosing and resolving defects and environmental issues that can affect properties. This brings increased depth and breadth to the company, expanding the range of the company’s services.

We provide targeted solutions to remedy building defects and problems based on a wealth of experience. We are renowned for being able to bring a wide range of technical solutions to overcome issues in all types of properties, from listed and historic buildings at one end to commercial units at the other.

We are driven by problem-solving. The more we evaluate the problems affecting the performance of buildings, the more we understand about why things go wrong and how they can be overcome. We work closely with our clients to understand the problems they are facing and how best to overcome them cost-effectively and with as little disruption as possible.

Our Services include:

  • Rising dampness treatment
  • Control of salt contamination
  • Penetrating dampness treatment
  • Condensation identification and control
  • Wood-boring insect identification and treatment
  • Wet and dry rot identification and treatment
  • Traditional and resin-based timber repairs
  • Below-ground waterproofing to new and existing construction
  • Basement conversion
  • Concrete analysis and repair
  • Flood remediation and flood resilience works

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